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What is a bridal trial?

The ultimate purpose of a bridal trial is for the bride to try a hair and makeup look and lock in that look for the big day. This way the same look can easily be replicated by the hair and makeup artist on the big day. 

Do I need a trial?

We highly recommend a trial. At the trial, our artist will get to know the bride and understand what she likes and dislikes. A unique look is created bespoken to the bride which will suit her dress and face shape. This makes the big day a lot more smoother for everyone, knowing that everything will go according to what was agreed at the trial. Another reason for the trial is to test out the products used for longevity and allergic reactions, e.g. testing to see if the bride is allergic to the skin care and foundation used or if the hair curls will last all day.    

When should I do the trial?

This depends on what works for the bride. Generally speaking, there are 2 options:

1. We ask the bride to do a trial with us within 2 weeks of enquiry so that we can tentative hold the wedding date until the trial is complete; or

2. We ask the bride to put down a deposit for the big day first and organise the trial with us closer to the wedding date. 


Choosing option 2 could be due to various reasons, mostly because the bride's hair might not be long enough to do the trial at the time of enquiry or the bride has a special occasion coming up e.g. pre-wedding photoshoot and wants to coincide the trial with that event.

Will I get the same artist at my trial on my wedding day?

Absolutely. Our brides will get the same artist for the trial and the wedding day.

How long does a trial take and what can I expect?

On average, a hair and makeup trial takes around 3.5 hours. It involves a detailed consultation upfront where we discuss logistics, skin care routine and take our time designing a look that our bride will LOVE. We then move onto creating 1 hair and makeup look. At the end of the session, we will also use a professional camera to take some photos and send to the bride. This way our bride can see what she looks like in profession images.  

What should I bring to the trial?

We recommend that the bride start collecting inspirational photos of hair and makeup, this will help us with understanding the look better. If you have clip on extensions that you would like to use, please ensure that you bring them. We also have hair extensions for our brides to try on at the studio. We recommend that the bride hold off on getting hair accessories until a trial is completed. 

What products do you use?

We use high-end products. Some of the brands that we use include: Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Becca and Hourglass. Because most of our clients are of Asian background, all of our products compliment Asian skin tones. 

I have sensitive skin, will your products work for me?

We test out all the products that we use in our kit. However there could be unexpected times where our clients might be allergic to the products that we use. This is precisely why a trial is very important. We can test out the products at the trial so that our brides can advise if they have any allergic reactions. 

Do you offer touch up? What are the options?

We offer a variety of options for touch up and we recommend these option should be discussed at the trial: 

1. Once off touch up

2. 6 hour touch up

3. 8 hour touch up

4. Other - bespoke to our bride's needs

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